The Art Of Storytelling
Learning to Tell Stories

Andre encourages the learning of storytelling in a playful and confidence building approach. Andre uses his knowledge, skills and experience to support individuals in develop their skills as storytellers and to fashion stories that entertain and touch their audiences. Andre's coaching style supports individuals in discovering their own unique voice, style and gift of telling. Andre is not only available to teach workshops and classes in storytelling but is also available for coaching individuals to use storytelling for work presentations, family and special events and for performance. Andre has worked with dancers, visual artist, book artist and others artist in augmenting their art form and as a means of sharing their art with others.
Andre has taught storytelling within schools, corrections, social services, health care, churches and arts and storytelling circles including the Loft Literary Center, the Minnesota Center for Book Arts and the Rosalux Art Gallery. He has presented at many conferences and events including for the International Storytelling Center, National Storytelling Network Conference, Northland Storytelling Network Conference, Northstar Storytelling League and the University of Wisconsin Festival of Expressive Arts Therapy.

Andre works with you to develop learning opportunities that meet the needs of your organization.


"We all love to hear stories, and everybody has a story to tell. Dr. Andre Heuer can take you to where your story is; teach you to tell it; and help you, your friends, your families, your co-workers or anyone you want to share with, revel in it."
Ruth E. Furan
Hospice Manager for Immanuel-ST.Joseph's Mayo Health System Hospice, Mankato, Minnesota

There's something gentle, deep, and caring about Andre's manner that easily coaxes one's creative stories to the surface. His techniques evoke memory and allow one to shape it easily into story form. And the best part is they can be used over and over to evoke more stories.
Gregory Leifel
Author and Storyteller, Crystal Lake, Illinois

"Andre's personal story workshop immediately gives people the confidence that they can create interesting stories from their lives. The exercises we used in this workshop were immediately useable. I used them the very next week for a story I'm working on. Andre covered unearthing material as well as structure and the key elements of story. People left surprised and amazed at themselves. What great motivation to keep on working."
Susan O'Halloran
Author, Performer and Educator, Evanston, Illinois