Spiritual Practice

Dr. Andre B. Heuer's interest in spirituality began at an early age when his father instructed him to sit quietly in prayer and told him to "Look within. All you need is there." This experience began a life long exploration of both western and eastern spirituality. In his quest he obtained a masters in pastoral psychology and doctorate in ministry focused on spirituality and studied several spiritual traditions including Buddhist practice in Thailand.

At the heart of his approach called The Gentle Way is Dr. Heuer's commitment to support individuals in:

  • finding their unique natural approach to spirituality
  • discovering practices that best fit and support their spiritual journey
  • learning to clarify their intentions and to make discerning life choices
  • exploring various practices including meditation, storytelling, imagery and mindfulness
  • cultivating their spiritual practice within their cultural, religious, and spiritual perspectives and beliefs.

Dr. Heuer provides

  • Spiritual companioning for individuals in need of personal attention
  • Workshops on a variety of spiritual practices including mediation, mindfulness, imagery and discernment

Dr. Heuer teaches a spirituality series The Gentle Way at Pathways, a center for those in health crisis. He has provided spiritual companioning for individuals on the spiritual journey. For three years he facilitated a men's spirituality series at the Cenacle Retreat Center in Wayzata, Minnesota and seven years he facilitated a contemplative prayer group within a church community. His writings on healing and spirituality include an article on spiritual companioning for The Journal of Spiritual Directors International.


"Following my first session of the Gentle Way with Andre Heuer, I immediately went home and wrote up the entire session as close to verbatim as possible as I didn't want to lose the sense of aha the experience generated.  I did the same with each of the following classes, for Andre takes a rather ordinary concept and brings it to life in a way that really works." G.B.

"The Gentle Way helped me to be more aware of myself and my environment. The session helped me to recognize that I have the ability to decide how I want to react and experience events and emotions. If I can be more aware and conscious I can be open to possibilities and be more intentional about how I behave and act." D.C.

"The Gentle Way gave me the tools to finally address the feelings and questions that have been in the back of my mind my entire life. Not just useful,  the course was innovative and provocative. " C. A.