Storytelling Performance

Andre in performanceIn his storytelling Andre explores both the shadow and light sides of life. He sees stories as a way of probing the mystries and paradoxes of life. His stories range from the comedic to the tragic and the sentimental to the ironic. His performances are thought provoking and insightful. He is able to blend personal stories with traditional folk and fairy tales in ways that entertain and informs his audiences. Andre performs for children and families; however, his performances are most often geared towards adults. Andre is available for storytelling performances, teaching and coaching.

Andre's list of performances includes 1,001 Nights, The Cricket Theatre, Cacophony Chorus, Cheap Theater, Coffee Grounds, Experiments in Story, Jungle Tales Festival, Loft Literary Center, Patrick's Cabaret, Red Balloon Bookstore, Seward Cafe, Tall Tales Cafe, Two Chair Telling at the Jungle Theater and Wild Yam Cabaret.


Provocative and poignant stories of life told with grace and just the right touch of humor. He is a very physical teller who enlivens the stage with vivid images that capture both the heart and mind of the listener.
Dorothy Cleveland, board member Northstar Storytelling League 

Andre brings a potent sense of story when he steps on stage and his low key, conversational style of telling invites the audience into the heart of the tale. He is acutely aware of the needs of the audience, himself and the story….
Loren Niemi,  former President of the Board of the National Storytelling Network

Andre's stories come straight from his heart into the hearts' of his audience. He leaves his listeners with thought provoking images and healing messages that linger long after the story has been told.
Tina Rhode, Cygnus Storytelling, Wonderweavers 

….Andre manages to gracefully combine the freshness and audience-driven responsiveness of a great storyteller with meaning-creating details of gesture and moment-by-moment intention. This combination of responsiveness, gesture, and intention is a significant and rare accomplishment and a gift to the audience, particularly because Andre's spirit of unwavering generosity welcomes the audience into his beautifully crafted world.
Gregory Stavrou Executive Director of the Rochester Civic Theatre