Storytelling and Healing in Liberia

Telling Our Story: a healing experience

Storytelling, Healing and Genetics: new directions

Restoring Dignity to the Human Spirit

Nine Steps to Better Storytelling
Nine steps to help you develop quality stories by soliciting feedback from listeners through constructive questions.

Telling our Stories: A Morning of Renewal
Participants from many cultures share their stories and discover similar themes.

Helping Our Children Share Their Worries and Concerns in Troublesome Times
A major difficulty of supporting children is that no matter if the tragedy happens directly to them or to others, children often personalize and imagine the events as happening to them.

The Use of Personal Story in Health Care
Health care professionals learn methods to use personal stories to provide support and to help patients integrate their experience in a meaningful way.

The Snake and the Holy Man
I first heard this story over twenty-five years ago. I do not remember the person who told it nor the source of the story. A similar version of this tale is found in A.K. Ramanujan's book, Folktales from India: A Selection of Oral Folktales from Twenty-two Languages. The title in the collection is simply "Nonviolence."

Storytelling and Health Care: Applied Storytelling with Stroke Survivors
In the fall of 2000 I received an invitation to conduct two days of training at St. John's Hospital System in Springfield, Missouri for health care professionals in the use of storytelling with stroke survivors. I was excited by the possibility.

Back From the Boob Tube: Storytelling Festival Aims to Captivate
by Bob Gilbert
'Tellebration!' showcases resurgent narrative tradition - and can help you tell your stories.

The Role of Imagination in Health
by Kathy Bardins
"It is in the imagination, that sphere of possibilities, that lies the sphere of hope", states Heuer. "If you can't see what is important, what is good, what is possible, then you can't embrace it."

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